What Should I Expect At My Dental Cleaning?

Regularly scheduled dental cleanings will ensure you are getting adequately scanned for mouth cancer, gum disease, dental decay, or any other issues you may encounter orally. Here at Gentle Family Dentistry, we understand that many people all across the country dread going to the dentist. Whether it’s a teeth cleaning or a procedure, going to the dentist means dealing with the potential poking, exam, and strange noises. This hesitation is why the dental experts at our practice have compiled a list of items to expect at your next dental cleaning appointment.


What Will My Dental Cleaning Entail?


Oral Examination

A professional dental hygienist will perform your dental cleaning. To begin, they will use a tiny mirror to check in and around your teeth and gums. During this time, they will look for any red flags, inflammation, or anything else concerning them. 


Plaque Removal With A Scaler

Once the hygienist has assessed your teeth, they will use a scaler to remove plaque and tartar that reside along your gumline. This scaler includes in between your teeth or anywhere that contains buildup. You will hear scraping during this, but it is routine and painless.


Gritty Toothpaste Cleaning 

After your teeth are completely free of any tartar and plaque buildup, the hygienist will then use an electric professional-grade toothbrush to clean your teeth further. There will be a grinding noise during this time. It is nothing to worry about, as this is a fantastic way to clean your teeth deep and get anything left behind from plaque removal.


Professional Flossing

To round out the teeth cleaning, your teeth will be professionally flossed. During this time, the hygienist will get deep in between your gumline. While you may floss regularly at home, your dentist can detect any potential trouble areas in your gum line. 


Finally, Your Mouth Will Be Rinsed

Finally, your mouth will be rinsed to remove any debris left behind from the treatments. Usually, this rinse will contain fluoride and is then followed up with a fluoride treatment if necessary.


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