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teeth cleaning

What To Expect At Your Dental Cleaning

What Should I Expect At My Dental Cleaning? Regularly scheduled dental cleanings will ensure you are getting adequately scanned for mouth cancer, gum disease, dental decay, or any other issues

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teeth whitening before and after

Foods That Brighten Tooth Enamel

A visibly whiter and brighter smile is on many people’s cosmetic dentistry bucket list. Wanting whiter teeth is so common because, as we get older, our tooth enamel begins to

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dental x-ray

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Are Dental X-Rays Safe? Dental X-rays are a widespread dental procedure. These X-rays can take place at the simplest of teeth cleanings or at a consultation for a procedure. Either

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bad breath

How Do I Get Rid Of Bad Breath?

At Home Ways To Make Your Breath Smell Better Let’s be honest; no one ever wants bad breath. It can cause you to be self-conscious and quiet, especially around other

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person with dental anxiety

How To Combat Dental Anxiety

5 Ways To Overcome Dental Anxiety Dental anxiety is real and affects thousands, if not millions, of people across the country and the world. You may be wondering what dental

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