What is a Dental Emergency

A dental emergency is a situation in which a person is faced with uncontrollable dental bleeding, facial trauma, severe pain, an abscess, lost filling, gum-related injuries, etc. However, some various items and problems can be classified under the dental emergency category. If you are experiencing dental symptoms that are negatively affecting you and your life, you need to consider seeking dental help immediately.

Are Dental Emergencies Serious?

Dental emergencies can become increasingly more significant over time, especially left untreated! Dental emergencies can cause a lot of pain, severe discomfort, excruciating swelling, and infections that can lead to serious health-related problems down the road.

How To Know If You Have a Dental Emergency:

Not every single dental situation is classified as a dental emergency, as oral pain is considered fairly common. However here are our industry expert tips to determine if you are experiencing a dental emergency or if you can wait for your next dental appointment.

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