What Happens When You Get A Root Canal?

Root canals have been denoted as a painful and all-around unpleasant dental procedure for years. Dental patients often quiver when just hearing the words root canal, yet the procedure is not nearly as painful and invasive as many believe it to be. 

Historically, root canals were a major undertaking and left patients in severe pain. But fantastic advances in modern dentistry have made these procedures much easier and relatively painless.

What Do Root Canals Fix?

Root canals have a variety of uses in dentistry, the most common being repairs to a tooth facing severe decay or infection or a serious injury such as a chip or crack to the tooth. Root canals fix these problems and others by removing any inflamed pulp in the tooth, cleaning and disinfecting the tooth’s interior, and sealing the removed areas with a filling. These steps can prevent further infections that could lead to serious oral health issues while also protecting the nerves in your gums from discomfort in the future.

Steps of a Root Canal

Many patients find themselves anxious or uncertain when entering their root canal appointment. A great way to undo some of this stress is by learning more about the process itself and knowing exactly what to expect when dentists begin their root canal procedures. Below are the steps of the root canal process:

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