Is It Okay to Pull Loose Teeth?

Has your child been complaining or talking about having a loose baby tooth? If so, it might be on your and your child’s minds until it falls out or is removed. While you may be wondering, should I pull the tooth out or let it fall naturally? Don’t fret; this is a common question, and often, these baby teeth fall out on their own time, but we understand sometimes things happen, and siblings pull at their brothers and sisters’ teeth, and boom, it’s gone! If you are experiencing a loose tooth in your child’s mouth, the dental experts here at Gentle Family Dentistry have compiled our reason for the common question and advice on handling the situation.


Should I Pull My Child’s Loose Tooth?

The concise answer is no. We, along with every other pediatric dentist, do not recommend that you pull your child’s loose tooth. When a child gets their tooth pulled prematurely, you can affect how their adult teeth will come in. It is best practice to not touch your child’s loose tooth or place stress on it and instead wait it out.


How Should I Help My Child With Their Loose Tooth?

When you see your child in pain or discomfort, it can be challenging. To accurately assist your child with their loose tooth and help them maintain excellent oral health, it is best to let them know that they cannot touch their tooth with their hands. Instead, let them move it around with their tongue. Doing so will help them refrain from pulling at it and keep germs out of their mouth. However, if they need a little assistance with their tooth coming out naturally, have them bite on an apple or another food of sorts. This force will help the tooth loosen and dislodge without causing any damage to the gums of your child.


What Do I Do If I Need To Pull My Child’s Tooth?

If worse comes to worse and you absolutely need to pull your child’s tooth, the best way to do so is by washing your hands and grabbing a clean tissue. There should be little to absolutely no resistance in terms of removing the tooth. Then, wrap the loose tooth with the tissue and squeeze it so it is secure in your fingertips. If you have accurately assessed the tooth, it should slide out, causing no bleeding or pain.


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