How To Properly Care For Your Child’s Teeth

Dental care for even our smallest of patients is critical from the start! Here at Gentle Family Dentistry, we recommend as soon as your son or daughter begins teething, schedule their first dental appointment with us at one of our offices located in Maine! This allows your child’s dentist to help you and your child through every aspect of dental care right from the start. When choosing a dentist for your child we recommend that you find one that provides a fun and comfortable environment that is sure to make them feel safe. 


Our Top 6 Tips On How to Care for Your Child’s Teeth


1. Run a Damp Washcloth Over Their Gums:

This is beneficial even before your child begins teething as it will clear away any bad bacteria that are lingering in their mouth.

2. Let Your Child Choose A Toothpaste and Toothbrush: 

By letting your child pick a toothbrush with their favorite character on it you are encouraging them to want to use it. The same goes with toothpaste, by letting your child choose their favorite flavor you are making it fun for them.

3. Reward Your Children for Good Oral Hygiene:

This will instill positive reinforcement in your child to keep them wanting to practice oral hygiene day and night!

4. Consider a Fluoride Treatment 

Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral that strengthens tooth enamel. Fluoride treatment can assist in preventing tooth decay and cavities. Depending on your child and their dental needs, they can receive two to four fluoride treatments per year. It is recommended that children start receiving fluoride treatments as soon as their first tooth erupts.

5. Brush and Floss

There is nothing more important for your child’s teeth than making sure that they are properly brushing them twice a day for two minutes. When your child is young it is best that you assist them to ensure they are properly brushing. In terms of flossing it is best to floss before bedtime so your child can remove any food particles that may have gotten caught in their teeth throughout the course of the day.

6. Establish a Regular Dental Checkup Schedule

As soon as your child begins to teeth, schedule their first dental appointment. This allows dentists to help your child through every aspect of dental care! If you are located in the Maine area and are in search of a dental practice for your child contact the team at Gentle Family Dentistry today! We would be proud to provide you and your child with a fun and comfortable environment that is sure to make them feel safe and cared for. 


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