5 Ways To Overcome Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is real and affects thousands, if not millions, of people across the country and the world. You may be wondering what dental anxiety is. Dental anxiety is the fear and anxiety associated with going to the dentist, whether it’s for a cleaning, procedure, etc. This anxiety can cause individuals not to attend the dentist for a prolonged period of time. This anxiety can cause people to have poor dental hygiene and, in turn, undiagnosed dental issues. Here at Gentle Family Dentistry, we understand that this anxiety affects many, no matter age, gender, or location, which is why we put together various ways to help you combat dental anxiety and return to the dental office.


Tips To Overcome Dental Anxiety:


Research And Find The Right Dentist For You

When looking to combat your dental anxiety, it is important to find a credible dentist with a kind and caring staff, great reviews, and a safe and clean atmosphere for its patients. During this process, research the dentist’s in your area. Some important things to look for are: Is the potential dentist a member of the American Dental Association? What are their reviews? This is an important certification as all ADA members are held to high ethical standards of care. If you are in the Maine area and are searching for a safe, relaxing, and professional dental practice, reach out to the team at Gentle Family Dental! We would happily assist you with any questions and welcome you to our dental family.

Bring A Friend Or Family Member

Once you have found the dental practice that is right and safe for you, reach out to a friend or family member that can tag along with you during your appointment. You can have this person wait in the waiting room or stand by you in the exam room. Either way, having a person you know and trust can help you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Take Deep Breaths And Use Relaxation Methods

Once your appointment is scheduled, give yourself enough time before your appointment to relax and get into a great headspace. Find something that brings you joy and eases stress. This includes deep breathing, stretching, walking, listening to music, working out, or anything that brings joy and calmness.

Arrive To The Office Early

Being in a rush will only cause you more stress and anxiety. Plan to leave for your dental appointment early and shoot to arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled time. This will allow you time to check in, speak with doctors, and relax.

Let Your Dentist Know

Dental anxiety is widespread, and while it is unfortunate, your dentist will have years of experience helping people. Don’t keep your anxiety and stress bottled up; inform your doctor, who will happily guide you through the process.

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