At Home Ways To Make Your Breath Smell Better

Let’s be honest; no one ever wants bad breath. It can cause you to be self-conscious and quiet, especially around other people who may notice the poor stench. However, Halitosis, which is the term for having persistent and severe bad breath, affects millions of people across the entire world. Whether you are Halitosis or suffer from the occasional bad breath stint, there are many remedies and ways that you can perform to treat your bad breath, leaving it feeling minty fresh in no time. Please continue reading to find out how the dental experts at Gentle Family Dentistry combat their poor breath.


4 Tips To Better Smelling Breath:

Floss Every Single Day

Not only is flossing an amazing tool to prevent diseases and other dental issues, but it is also extremely effective in helping your breath smell fresh! No need to floss more than once a day; we recommend that you save your flossing for the evening; that way, the floss can reach all of the debris the toothbrush might have missed.

Use A Tongue Scraper

While brushing your teeth is the hallmark of superb dental hygiene, there are times when brushing just is not enough to remove all the food and bacteria particles that accumulate over the day. The tongue carries most, if not all, of these particles, causing build-up. A great way to rid this build-up is by brushing and scraping your tongue. You can find a tongue scraper online or in your local store that sells dental products.

Change Your Toothbrush Periodically

Your toothbrush is constantly under a lot of stress, so it is important to change it every few months, about 3-4. A good indicator you need a new toothbrush is when the bristles become frayed.

Avoid Dry Mouth

Another way to combat bad breath is to always keep your mouth moist. This means hydrating properly with water and avoiding soda, coffee, alcohol, or nicotine. Other ways to increase saliva production are to chew gum or suck on sugarless candy. For chronic dry mouth patients, contact your dentist or physician for oral medication that stimulates saliva flow.


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