How long does Invisalign treatment take?


Invisalign treatment time varies depending on how severe your case is. It could be as little as six months or similar to the treatment time of traditional braces. Gentle Dental [...]

How long does Invisalign treatment take?2019-06-13T14:49:45-04:00

Does insurance cover Invisalign?


Our wonderful staff will work with you to see if your insurance company will cover the Invisalign treatment. If for any reason it’s not covered, we will let you know [...]

Does insurance cover Invisalign?2019-06-13T14:54:41-04:00

How does Invisalign work?


Invisalign is a treatment of a series of custom-molded, clear, plastic aligners that exert gentle, controlled force on your teeth to shift them into place. Gentle Dental plans out [...]

How does Invisalign work?2019-06-13T14:43:27-04:00