How long will dentures last?


Dentures generally last between 5 and 7 years. Just like natural teeth, dentures wear down and stained time goes by. Your mouth is also constantly changing. To make sure your [...]

How long will dentures last?2019-06-13T15:01:33-04:00

Does insurance cover dental implants?


Our wonderful staff will work with you to see if your insurance company will cover the dentures. If for any reason it's not covered, we will let you know and [...]

Does insurance cover dental implants?2019-06-13T15:01:00-04:00

Are dentures important?


Dentures support facial muscles and structures, and decrease oral bone loss. Replacing missing teeth can significantly help improve your appearance, oral health and your speech.

Are dentures important?2019-06-13T14:59:32-04:00