Do I Need A Root Canal?


Are you experiencing severe tooth pain caused by a possible tooth infection or tooth decay? Then you may need a root canal. However, knowing if you need a root canal is a tricky process to self-diagnose at home, as it is like trying to figure out if you need a filling. Sometimes you may begin to think you can treat your toothache with Advil or over-the-counter pain medication. But tooth pain is something that should not be shoved under the rug, instead, it should be taken very seriously in order to relieve your pain quickly. While our team of dental professionals has compiled a list of various ways to detect a root canal, it is best to seek professional dental help to ensure your dental hygiene is well taken care of.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a very common dental procedure that millions of people undergo every year. This treatment is designed to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal in your mouth. By doing so the tooth is able to prevent reinfection, saving the tooth itself as well as the surrounding teeth. While undergoing a root canal a dentist will remove the infection, carefully cleaning out the inside of the tooth as well as disinfecting it. Once the area is completely cared for and cleaned the tooth is sealed and is as good as new!


Signs You Need A Root Canal:

Temperature Sensitivity:

Are you a regular hot or cold beverage drinker, experiencing uncommon pain while enjoying your favorite hot or cold beverages? Then you may need a root canal, as what usually starts as a subtle pain can transform into something much greater. You are experiencing pain because of the damaged blood vessels that are present in your infected tooth.



If you have persistent swelling in your gums, a root canal may be the best option for you. Signs of swollen gums include pain, raised gums, bumps, etc. It is best to visit your dentist to see if a root canal is the root cause.


Tooth Decay

Do you have an old cavity that you have been neglecting for a few months or even years? Then you may need a root canal. This is because if the tooth has been neglected for too long the infection can spread down into the nerve and the root of the cavity-filled tooth.


Tooth Chip

Accidents happen and teeth are prone to get chipped especially when eating hard foods or playing contact sports. However, when a tooth gets chipped, it exposes the nerves beneath the surface of the tooth which will end up leading to an infection. The best course of action for this type of infection is a root canal, as it completely cleanses the entire tooth, riding the infection.

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