Preparing For Your Appointment…What you need to know

As we continue to prepare for the reopening of our offices on June 1st , we would like to thank our patients for your kindness and understanding during this challenging time.   

Your appointments may look or feel a little different as we are conforming to the “new normal” by following the recommendations of the Maine DHHS, CDC, American Dental Association, Maine Dental Board, and Maine Dental Association for safety precautions. Our team will have all the required Personal Protection Equipment for both your safety and theirs.

We will be asking you to please continue with patience and understanding during this time, as we have 10 weeks of patients to reschedule. We will be prioritizing appointments based on emergency and urgency, so while we will be performing routine and non-urgent procedures, we may not be able to see you right away. We are anticipating many phone calls and would expect the phones to often be busy, so again we appreciate your patience and understanding. We will do our best to get you and your family the dental care you need as soon as possible. 

What You Need to Know: 

  • We will be doing a prescreening on your confirmation call as well as an additional prescreening on the other the morning of your visit. 
  • We will ask you to arrive at your appointment time and remain in your car as our waiting room will be closed during this time to limit your exposure. Please call the office to announce your arrival and you will be instructed when to enter the facility for your prescreening. 
  • We will ask you to pay with a pre-filled out check or a credit card as forms of payment. 
  • We will ask that only the patient enter the facility. Only one parent or legal guardian may enter with the child. All parties must have a face covering to enter. If you do not have one please inform us and you will be provided one upon entrance.  
  • We will ask a series of questions for the second prescreening of all that wish to gain entrance, take your temperature, check for face coverings, ask you to utilize our hand sanitizer upon entrance and exiting. 
  • If we have concerns during your prescreening or you have a temperature 100.4 or above, we will have to cancel your appointment and reschedule when you are well.  
  • Your appointments may look or feel a little different for a cleaning, as there are some instruments that we will not be able to utilize at this time, but our staff will be happy to answer any questions at that time. 
  • Our appointment times have been extended as we follow the reopening guidelines in place for the additional safety measures. This will again limit how many patients we are able to see in a day. We ask you to be understanding that your appointment may be delayed or a little longer during this time.  
  • For Our High-Risk Patients: We will have a dedicated time that we will be seeing you (this will include elderly and immunocompromised patients). Please inform us when we speak with you. 

We are looking forward to getting back to work and seeing all of you!  

Thank you!  

The Gentle Family Dentistry Team