We have all heard the term fluoride, we know it’s a dental treatment and that it is very common in dental offices. However, we may ask ourselves, what exactly is fluoride? How is it used? What is it used for? Is it safe for my children? Look no further!  The expert dental team here at Gentle Family Dentistry is here to answer all of the facts, myths, and anything in between on fluoride. To learn more about this dental treatment, continue reading below!


5 Facts On Fluoride:


What Exactly Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is an element that is found naturally in water, soil, and other minerals, it occurs naturally in the earth as it is released from these particles. Fluoride can be added to water, mouthwash, and toothpaste, as its pain use in the dental world is to prevent tooth decay. This is because fluoride makes teeth resistant to plaque and other acidic elements such as sugar or acid, as it can remineralize the surface of the tooth, preventing cavities.


Is Fluoride Safe For Children?

When used correctly, yes. Fluoride is not considered a danger to young children when it is used as it is intended, in water and toothpaste. Fluoride is not only safe but can help strengthen your child’s teeth and they grow and come in all while preventing possible tooth decay later on.


What Are The Types Of Fluoride Used In Dentistry?

Dentists apply fluoride in three ways, one of which is a foam that is dispensed in a tray and placed over your teeth. The next is a varnish which is painted on the teeth and the last is a gel, which is painted or placed in a tray.


At What Age Should My Child Use Fluoride On Their Teeth?

Gentle Family Dentistry and the CDC recommend that starting to use fluoride at 6 months to around 16 years, is the time when your child needs appropriate amounts of fluoride.


What Are The Benefits Of Fluoride?

Fluoride is a great dental tool that strengthens your teeth all while reducing your risk of cavities. It is also proven to remineralize tooth enamel, reverse tooth decay, slow down demineralization, and prevent cavities.


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