Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Dental X-rays are a widespread dental procedure. These X-rays can take place at the simplest of teeth cleanings or at a consultation for a procedure. Either way, they allow your dentist to see beneath your gum line into the root and bone of your teeth, as well as through the enamel that lays on top of your teeth. While there are so many known benefits to dental X-rays, if you know anything about X-rays as a whole, you know that they use radiation to achieve the result, causing you to question the overall safety of your person. However, dental X-rays are very safe as they use the smallest amount of radiation that should not negatively impact your body. Still, have questions? The expert dental team at Gentle Family Dentistry has compiled our most-asked questions and answers about dental X-rays.

When Would I Need A Dental X-Ray?

Dental X-rays are a prevalent task performed as many people need them. They can be used to diagnose a problem that’s causing pain within your mouth or to determine the structure of your mouth to place and plan for future dental work.

How Often Do I Need A Dental X-Ray?

Dental X-rays are an essential component for safe and proper oral health. We recommend that those with strong, healthy teeth and gums get new dental X-rays yearly at their routine check-up. However, if you are prone to disease, oral cancer, cavities, etc., you will need them much more frequently.

Can I Refuse A Dental X-Ray?

While as a person, yes, you have the right to refuse dental X-rays. However, we would like to note that most dentists will only provide services, especially cosmetic or emergencies, with them as it is almost impossible to go in blind to perform specific procedures.

Can A Dental X-Ray Show an Infection?

Yes! Dental X-rays are fully equipped to show cavities, gingivitis, and other oral infections that can potentially harm oral health.

Where Can I Get A Dental X-Ray?

You can get a dental x-ray at your local dental provider at your routine check-up. If you are in Maine and searching for a trusted dentist to perform a dental X-ray and check-up, contact Gentle Family Dentistry! We would be happy to assist you in perfecting your oral health!

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