5 Things That Could Be Causing Your Bad Breath


No one likes to have the feeling that they have bad breath. Whether you are at a work meeting, going on a date, or just conversing with your friends on a regular basis, the last thing you want is to have bad breath, especially if you are in close proximity to someone else. While bad breath can be caused by something simple such as food or drink it can also be because of a deeper and much more serious dental problem that needs to be treated. If you find yourself having bad breath or someone has told you, have no fear. Our dental experts here at Gentle Family Dentistry of Augusta, Madison, and Winslow, ME have compiled our top reasons why you are experiencing unpleasant breath.


Poor Oral Hygiene


The first item on the docket is poor oral hygiene. While a simple item, when not done correctly, regularly, or well, you will experience bad breath. Thankfully it is something easy to fix. You must brush your teeth regularly, if not food particles can remain in your mouth and plaque will build up. This produces an array of bad breath. If you are experiencing bad breath and do not properly brush your teeth or clean your mouth on a regular schedule, begin immediately. If not this can lead to serious oral problems down the line.


Alcohol Consumption


Drinking alcohol is a culprit of bad breath because it causes a large decrease in saliva production. This causes the bacteria that makes your breath smell to grow. So the next time you drink an alcoholic beverage remembers to properly clean your teeth immediately after, preventing the growing bacteria.




Whether you are smoking cigarettes, chewing, or using a pipe, they all cause bad breath. They leave your mouth tasting and smelling like tobacco and can lead to much bigger problems down the line such as gum disease and cancer. Cut out tobacco or take care of your oral hygiene immediately after.


High Amounts of Sugar


Diets and foods that are very high in sugar can run the risk of bad breath. This is because the sugar in the food interacts with bacteria in your mouth, causing halitosis, turning the sweet treat into a sour smell.




While most of us enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning, it could be causing us to have bad breath. This is because coffee has an intense flavor, as well as causes a decrease in saliva production as the caffeine leads to a decline. In turn, less saliva means an increase in odor-causing bacteria.

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